April Fool's Day Prank: Reader Submitted

Some Pranks Could Last Years

There was a ‘witchy’ old lady next door that was constantly complaining about everything and everyone in the neighborhood. After one really good round about kids and pets messing up her spotless front yard, the neighbors planned what turned out to be a better joke than they originally thought. Juvenile as they all were, they planned to write some dirty words in her meticulously-groomed front lawn with some kind of powder that would stand out. The only thing they could find was some Ortho Super-Gro Lawn Food (white powdery stuff). They wrote the message in the dead of night, and next morning it was bold and white for the world to see. The kicker came after. She came out, saw the graffiti, and immediately grabbed a hose and watered it off, thus activating the lawn fertilizer. Her lawn had those words there for 2 years!

Contributed By Janine Lynn, author of the book Help! I’m Bored

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