April Fool's Day Prank: Reader Submitted

Bragger Gag

Prank for the Bragging Car Owner – Funny Car Joke if You Have The Time

A fellow student some years ago related the following. Apparently another student was a bit of a bragger. His favorite topic was his car, and one sub-topic was the terrific gas mileage (pre-metric) it got. So it began one evening. Fill up a one-gallon container of gas each night and pour it into the victim’s gas tank. Wait for the story each day to get better and better. Repeat until it cannot be taken any more. I believe 2 weeks was sufficient.

Finally the moment (days) of truth. Each night for 2 weeks, the effect was reversed, and one gallon of gas was removed from the victim’s tank. It was amazingly effective at reducing some of the stories. I suspect the truth was never revealed to the victim.

Author: Unknown