April Fool's Pranks - List of Good Ones

April Fool’s Pranks (and Jokes)

Hello!! It’s that time! What time? April Fool’s pranks and jokes are lurking out there!

April Fool’s Day comes but once a year, but don’t we all love it? Yes…. yes we do. How about some of the best pranks ever? We’ve got a list below of April Fool’s pranks that will have you giggling and maybe even inspire you to pull your own April Fool’s Day pranks or jokes! Of course… we want you to keep things safe — no injuries please!

One of the most fun holidays that literally revolves around laughter, we hope that you will find your funny bone amused when looking over what are readers have submitted below. Our readers are folks just like us and just like you – so join in on the fun! We’re always adding new pranks and jokes here too! So be sure to come back often and see what’s new!

What about you? If you have a prank you’d like to submit, we’d love for you to! Submit your April Fool’s Prank Here.

Fun Filled List of Pranks and Jokes

Accidental Prank

Bragger Gag

Foaming Salt Shaker

Gullible Secretary

History of April Fool’s Day

Husband/Wife April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

Kid Pranks

More Rumors

Pranks on Programmers

Radio Station Hoax

Red Red Wine

Too Mean Joke

Top Ten

Whimsy April Fools

Year Book Photo