An Arresting Prank

Well, actually it wasn’t on April Fools but it was the funniest joke! I wanted to get some unusual pictures for our high school yearbook. I went to a private school. So my computer teacher and I convinced one of the church members who was a police officer to “arrest” the principal. Right before the bell rang to let the kids out of school, the office parked right in front of the school, went in, and gave the principal a story about too many parking tickets. Mr. C. fell for it, thinking their had been a mistake and he’d straighten it out at the police station. He was handcuffed and everything, and was led out of the school just as the bell rang and all the kids went outside! When he walked out the door, there I was with the camera! He had the greatest expression on his face when I took the picture! (Fortunately, it was one of intense relief, not anger!) The school had to print something in the newsletter later that week explaining it was a joke…apparently several parents called…

Unfortunately, I later got what I deserved. A year or two later, he still remembered. The last day of my senior year I was called into the office. Long story but basically I was told I would not graduate with my class b/c of a course I had somehow missed taking. They made it very believable, my best friend was in on it and a couple of my teachers and the secretary were in there, all looking upset and one even had been crying! (I found out later the ones that looked upset thought it was a mean thing to do to me, and the other one had been crying because she was laughing so hard before I came in!) I had never been so scared in my life, I nearly passed out! It finally occurred to me it might be a joke and when I asked Mr. C. he said yes, now we’re even! I think it took at least an hour for me to stop crying, but it’s funny now that I look back on it.

Contributed By Janet Pilkington