April Fool’s Day Husband and Wife Pranks

April Fool’s Day Husband and Wife Pranks

Playing Pranks on Your Spouse

Be Sure You’ve Got a Solid Marriage!

Hubby and I pull jokes on each other all the time.

There is the old staples: Saran Wrap over the toilet bowel.

Or covering the handle of toothbrushes, regular brushes etc with Vaseline.

Or putting Vaseline under the handles of the car.

Or for someone you really dislike Vaseline on the windshield wipers.

Or one time when my husband was going for his Electrical License Exam (a state test that is really hard) He had just passed the one part by one point. So a few days later I scanned his official acceptance letter on my scanner and re-edited it in my word program to say that they are sorry to inform him that the grading on his test was wrong and he really failed the test.
WELL the look alone on his face was worth it!!! LOL He was mad at me for that one LOL!!!!
But it was good… perfect. I even scanned the postage so that it looked as if it had been mailed. HA HA

I once sent him some sex toys at work just to embarrass him in front of his work friends LOL.
(yes I am mean, he he)

But don’t feel sorry for him. He gets me back all the time even worse then I get him.

He has signed me up for surveys, Volunteered me for things, hid things on me, Dumped water on me, etc. You name it we’ve done it.

Contributed By Janine Lynn, author of the book Help! I’m Bored

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