April Fool’s Day Kid Pranks

April Fool’s Day Kid Pranks

Kids Love to Pull Pranks

A Few Light Hearted Pranks for Kids to Do

Fill the sugar bowl with salt. Wait until your brother eats his cereal!
Put a fake mouse on the floor.

Put a fake ice cube with a fake fly in it in your friend’s drink.

At the computer lab, unplug the keyboards and plug them back in to the wrong

Wet your hand with water, pretend to sneeze, and sprinkle the water on someone.

Take the ball out of the computer mouse. Wait till someone tries to use the computer!

On Saturday, wake up your brother or sister and say, “Oh no, you are late for school!”

Plug someone’s nose while they are sleeping. Watch how they react!

Put ice down the back of your mother’s shirt.

Pour the shampoo out of the bottle and replace it with honey!

Go to the bathroom and hide all the toilet paper. When someone goes #2, you’ll hear the screams!

Ring someone’s doorbell and then run away.

Unscrew the saltshaker lid.

Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and wait until someone tries to pick it up.

Look at your friend and say, “Oh my gosh! What’s that hanging out of your nose?”

Put fake bugs in your mom’s bed.

When someone is talking, make funny noises to make it sound like the person talking is making the noises.

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