April Fool’s Foaming Salt Shaker Prank

April Fool’s Foaming Salt Shaker Prank

Hysterical Salt Shaker Prank for a Lunchroom or Cafeteria

You Might Have to Pay for a New Lunch Though!

Another good prank involves the lunch room where opaque plastic salt and pepper shakers with pop-off tops are used. They should be the ones with lids that could be pried off with a knife blade if you were persistent enough.
PREPARATION (in a restroom nearby):

1. Empty salt (or pepper) from a previously ‘acquired’ container and fill about 1/3 full with concentrated lemon juice.

2. Place a thin tissue across the opening, poke it down a bit to form a depression, and fill the depression with about a teaspoon of baking soda.

3. Cover (from the inside) the holes of the top with tape of the appropriate color.

4. Replace top on container and trim visible tissue from around the top.

Carry the device to dining hall (upright and as stable as is possible… for your own sake).

After discretely placing the shaker on your table (or near you), observe the next person to use the shaker. (S)He will shake lightly at first, then harder as nothing comes out. Due to the breakdown of the tissue and the pressure resulting from the classic acid/base reaction, the top will pop off (quite spectacularly) amidst a shower of foam. Your victim (as will as everyone around) should have quite a reaction, since one does not usually observe this type of behavior in a salt (pepper) shaker!

Classic joke for those who want to try!

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