Big Bunnies Easter Craft

Big Bunnies Easter Craft

Fun Bunny Easter Craft for the Kids

White drawing paper: 2 sheets (12×18), 3 sheets (9×12)

Black scraps of construction paper for eyes and whiskers.

Light pink scraps on construction paper for noses.

Scissors, glue, pencil, a pink crayon or marker.

Overview: This is a directed lesson that will result in adorable bunnies, each with a unique personality. No two bunnies will be exactly the same. They are cute and big and add a delightful Easter environment to the classroom. The bunnies are made in a standing up position—like a person. Each piece of drawing paper is cut into heart shapes that will form the bunny body parts.

Have students practice cutting heart shapes by folding paper in half, drawing a large half heart shape that will result in a whole heart when cut. Demonstrate. Illustrate on the chalkboard. Hopefully, they had some experience with cutting hearts during Valentines Day activities.

1. Fold the two large drawing sheets in half (to 9×12). Students should draw the largest possible half-heart. Cut out. These two hearts form the head and body of the bunny. Both go upside down. Place the head on top of the body.

2. Fold two of the smaller drawing sheets in half (to 6×12). Draw and cut hearts again. This time, students will cut each heart in half. Each half will be a bunny paw. Place two, slightly, under the cheeks and hanging down into the body. Place two on the bottom of the body. Add black paw lines with a crayon or marker.

3. Fold the last piece of drawing paper in half length-wise (4.5 x12). Students make a long, skinny heart. Cut in half. These form the bunny’s ears. Color in a light pink center.

4. Add black eyes and whiskers and a pink nose with scraps of construction paper. You may want to add bunny teeth with scraps from the hearts. An orange construction paper carrot with green tissue paper.

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