List of Free Christmas Craft Ideas

Make your own dough and make Christmas ornaments & then paint them

Get a large roll of craft or butcher paper. Make sponge cut outs of stars, ornaments, etc, & let the kids make their own wrapping paper

On a white hand towel, use fabric paint and do the kids hand prints. Write with fabric paint “See, I DID wash my hands”. You could do red & green hand prints & make these little Christmas towels to set out for guests.

Tie three bells together and make a pretty bow on top.

Angel-Paint old fashioned clothes pin white. Paint knob on top like a face. Cut out wings & glue to back.

Glue star mint candies to lid of jar. Fill jar with candies for parent gift.

Glue two perfectly shaped triangles together to make a six pointed star. Cover with macaroni, glitter or both.

Cover toilet paper roll with colored paper. Add colored leaves around the
bottom & a flame to the top.

Cover a pine cone with glue & glitter.

Make sweatshirts w/hand print Christmas trees for the moms and for the dads ties with hand prints

Cut out a candy cane shape & let the children glue red & white pom-poms alternating to give the appearance of a candy cane.

Trace & cut out the child’s hand on red or green felt. With fingers pointing down, place a small heart also cut out of felt (diff color) & write to Mom & Dad or whoever, Merry Christmas Love the child’s name & date.

Cut out a large Christmas tree for each child (or one huge one for a wall mural) and have the children glue on painted macaroni, Fruit Loops, popped popcorn, and Cheerios as ornaments.

Make candy cane outlines on red construction paper. Help each child make stripes with white shoe polish (squeeze applicator). The kids can cut out the candy canes shapes when dry.

Make a wall mural of a chimney. Have children paint it. Staple together two paper stockings (from construction paper). Decorate with glitter, markers, and add cotton balls to top of stocking for trim. Put a child’s name on each stocking. Hang them on the chimney.

Put a big picture of Santa and his sack or sleigh on the bulletin board or wall. Have the children cut out magazine pictures of toys to go into the sack and paste onto the picture.

Children can string popcorn and cranberries, using their own patterns. Young children can string round cereal.

You can make white collages on dark paper our of white lace, ribbon, styrofoam packing peanuts, tissue paper, construction paper…anything white.

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