Christmas Activities – Crafts for Kids (Plus Holiday Savings Tips!)

Christmas Activities – Crafts for Kids (Plus Holiday Savings Tips!)

If you celebrate Christmas and you’re looking for ideas for fun crafts for the kids, we’ve got a nice list. Shared by our readers, these are fun and typically simple, affordable projects. We’ve also had readers share ideas for saving money around the holidays. If you have a Christmas craft you’d like to share or something Christmas-y — feel free to reach out to us and share it.

Christmas Activities – Crafts for Kids and More

Teddy Bear Christmas Party
Christmas Sandwiches
Hand Print Wreath
Reindeer Gift bags
Stockings Around the World
Snowman Kit
Baggie Wreath
Baby Food Jar Candle
Candle Puppet
Candy Cane Reindeer
Card Holder
Cellophane Painting
Paper Plate Christmas Bell
Christmas Tree
Cinnamon Crafts for the Holidays
Simple Christmas Crafts
Collage Tree
Decorate the Tree
Doily Snow People Craft
Glitter Bells Craft
Glitter Globe: Snow Globe Craft
Hand Print Christmas Tree Craft
Hand Print Wreath
Hands & Feet Reindeer Craft
Hand-y Christmas Tree Craft
Christmas Party Food: Ice Cream Cone Trees
Holland Tradition Craft: Wooden Shoes
Magic Keys for Santa
Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree
How to Make Luminaries
Christmas Party Food: Marshmallow Trees
Mini Trees
Paper Plate Trees
Pasta Wreaths
Pie Picture Frame
Popsicle Stick Craft: Reindeer
Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Popcorn Picture Frames
Edible Popcorn Wreath (like balls)
Popcorn Wreaths For Birds
Pretzel Wreaths
Christmas Reindeer Craft
Reindeer Food
Reindeer Magnet
Rudolph Puppet Craft
Sandwich Bag Wreath
Santa Face Painting on Hand
Santa Hat
Shredded Wheat Wreath
Styrofoam Tree: Snowball Tree
Snow Paintings
Sparkle People Craft
Stained Glass
Star Puppet
Stocking Craft
Christmas Stocking Craft
Sweden Tradition Holiday Craft
Tree Mobile
Christmas Tree Cutouts
Wreath Idea 1
Wreath Idea 2
Wreath Idea 3

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decorating Themes

Saving Money During the Holidays

Frugal Ways To Show Your Love
Frugal Holiday Basics
Putting a Halt to the Christmas Madness

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