Paper Plate Craft: Days ‘Til Christmas Bell

Use a smaller “Chinette” type paper bowl, turn the bowl upside down and paint the entire outside with red paint, or whatever color. Allow to dry. Cut strips of paper to make a paper chain. Have the children glue the strips together to make the paper chain for however many days are left till Christmas (reserve one strip to attach chain to bell).
Place the painted bowl upside down on the table. Bring two ends of a pipe cleaner together. Stick ends down through a hole in the center, bottom of the bowl, until half of pipe cleaner is below bottom of bowl and half is above. (you should have a loop on the top to hang your bowl (bell) with. To keep the pipe cleaner in that position, twist it on each side of the bottom of bowl. Squeeze a drop or two of glue between the pipe cleaner and hole in bowl to help keep in place.

Add your paper chain to the top of the bell and they can tear one loop or chain off each day and count down the days to Christmas.

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