Gift Ideas for Everyone from Family to Friends

Gift Ideas for Everyone from Family to Friends

Gift Ideas to Make Gift Buying Easy

The holiday season can get crazy enough without having to figure out what gifts to buy. Sure — you might have some ideas, or you might be chasing that HOT selling, super-popular item — but what if it sells out? Or what if you really have no clue what to give that special person in your life?

We struggle with these very things ourselves here at ParentHumor. One editor questioned what to get her 9-year-old niece for the holidays. Because she wants to be an awesome aunt, she wants to be sure to give her niece something wonderful that she’ll really like. And because she has no children of her own, this can be a challenge to know just what a 9-year-old girl might want. Obviously, the parents are going to get first dibs on the “cool stuff” or the things the child most wants — and let’s not forget the grandparents that will probably get her something fabulous as well.

Living 550 miles away and not having children of her own and being left with few “good options — we all began to ponder the question, “What are really good gifts this holiday season?” We set out to find out.

Below you’ll find all of our research and amazing results that we hope will help you can put to use when Christmas is breathing down your neck. Or actually – these gift ideas are great ideas for any time of year.

Gift Ideas for Toddlers, Kids and Teens

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