Hands and Feet Reindeer Holiday Craft

Trace the child’s foot an brown construction paper (brown grocery bags also work great) Trace both hands on a different shade of brown paper. Cut out (older children can probably use a safety scissors and do much of this part, especially the foot, but younger children will need you to cut out most pieces) The foot tracing becomes the reindeer’s face, the hand tracings are attached at the top for antlers. color or paste on facial features of your reindeer. We do this one every year with our children, I tuck the reindeer away in their baby books and have a great seasonal record of their growth, We make extras for Grandparents and Godparents.

This has really become a holiday favorite with our kids, they look forward to making it and love to compare with the reindeer from previous years. You can have the children all glue their heads to one long piece of white paper and made a whole herd for a bulletin board.

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