Holiday Welcoming Bells Craft

Holiday Welcoming Bells Craft

Greet visitors with the sound of bells by slipping this two-tone felt star over the knob on your front door. Older kids can handle the cutting and gluing; young ones will prefer gluing on buttons & sequins.

Thin cardboard
pencil, scissors
2 felt squares
sm jingle bells
1 yard
sequins & glitter.

Help child draw a five-point star (about eight inches across) on the cardboard and cut it out. Lay the star on a felt square, trace around it with a pencil, then cut it out. Using a drinking glass as a guide, trace, then cut a circle, large enough to fit over your doorknob, in the center of both stars.

Once you are certain of the fit, glue the felt and cardboard stars together. From a
different color of felt, cut out a star about a half inch smaller. This time, make the hole in the star’s center about half the size of the one in the first star.

Carefully cut small slits around the hole so that it will pass over the doorknob, then glue the smaller felt star to the larger one. Tie jingle bells to three 12-inch strands of ribbon and glue or sew the ends of the ribbons to the bottom of the star, as shown. Now, the decorating: glue buttons, sequins, or glitter onto the star. To hide the glued ends of the ribbons, cover them with a button or other decoration.

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