Homemade DIY Nerd Costume

Borrow from your little sister’s Dress Up Trunk to make a simple, unique costume! Use a white coat for a doctor, dentist, or scientist, or a raincoat and high boots for a fireman (along with your old toy doctor or fireman kit), an old-fashioned dress or housecoat for an old lady (along with curlers, cane, apron, silly hat., purse, etc.) or a geeky, clashing outfit for a nerd. Don’t forget to complement your nerd outfit with a wild tie, some glasses with no lenses and taped in the middle, shorts worn over pants with toilet paper hanging out the back, etc.

From the Book: Help! I’m Bored! – Over 300 Children’s Activities for Ages 2-12 By Janine Lynn

ParentingHumor Editor