Homemade DIY Puppy Costume

What you’ll need for your puppy costume:

brown, tan, gray, black or white hooded sweatsuit
Fabric circles in a contrasting color (i.e. white suit, brown spots, etc.)
2 sheets of felt in color matching sweatsuit
double sided tape
2 pairs of socks in color matching sweatsuit
dog collar or belt cut to size (optional)
Using small pieces of double sided tape, attach fabric circles to sweatsuit in various different areas. Cut two floppy ears from 1 sheet of the felt and either hand sew or hot glue onto the hood. Keep in mind that hand sewing will make the ears easily removable so you can reuse the sweatsuit after Halloween! Cut a long tail from the second sheet of felt and attach to the back of the pants with a safety pin. Have child wear one pair of socks on her hands and one pair on her feet. Top off with a dog collar or a belt cut short to serve as a collar.

Contributed by www.familycorner.com.

ParentingHumor Editor