How to Make Tin Can Luminaries

Take any size can, Draw a design on the top 1/3 portion of the can, and fill with water and put in freezer.

After freezing, punch out spaced holes in the design with an awl or a punch or a thin nail so that the glow from the candle will show thru the design. Make sure there is enough space in the bottom of the can to allow for dripping candle wax. You might even want to insert a tiny smaller can inside to catch the drippings, like a tuna can or a cat food can.

These cans can be painted with acrylic paints and top sprayed with a clear finish if you like, or embellished however you wish as long as you remember there will be a candle in them.

Presto – luminaries or whatever purpose you want. You can use smaller cans for in home use, larger cans for patio trimmings, cans for holding citronella candles for bugs on the patio in the summer.

Most luminaries are placed along the driveway and walk paths at Christmas time in an Hispanic Community tradition. I have seen these done and the effect is beautiful! Below are two sites that will help visualize what they will look like – only using tin cans instead.

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