Kid’s Homemade Cat Costume

Kid’s Homemade Cat Costume

What you’ll need for your cat costume:

gold, brown, tan, black, gray or white hooded sweatsuit
faux fur in color matching sweatsuit
fabric glue
felt in color matching sweatsuit
plastic headband
2 pairs of socks in color matching sweatsuit
dog collar or belt cut to size (optional)

If desired, use a black marker to draw stripes on a sweatsuit. Cut two triangles for ears and hot glue to the headband. Cut a small oval shape from the faux fur for the tummy area and adhere that with fabric glue. Next, make cuffs and a collar. Use the cuffs on the sweatshirt as a guide for how wide and long you need to cut the faux fur strips. Attach the strips to the sweatshirt using fabric glue. Cut a long tail from the remaining felt and attach to the back of the pants with a safety pin. Have the child wear one pair of socks on her hands and one pair on her feet. Top off with a dog collar or a belt cut short to serve as a collar.

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Homemade Cat Costume for Kids

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