Magic Keys for Santa Holiday Craft (with poem!)

This would makes a cute sign for the front door on Christmas Eve….Glue either real keys or have the children make.. (color, cut out etc.) their own “magic key”.

The Santa Key’s are for people who don’t have fireplaces/chimneys—the key let’s Santa in. Get an old fashioned skeleton key, spray paint it gold, tie a ribbon around it, then put in on a wreath (or whatever you have on your front door) so that Santa can come in the house and bring gifts.

Dear Santa,

We don’t have a chimney
for you to come in through
And if you miss our house
I don’t know what I’ll do.

Mom says you work magic
and can use just any old key
If we just hang it outside
in a place you’re sure to see

So I’m placing this old key
right beside our door
say my prayers and jump in bed
and I won’t worry anymore

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