Mini Christmas Tree Craft

What You’ll Need for Mini Christmas Tree Craft

Thick cardboard
green paint
colored sequins
glitter glue (gold)
craft glue

Draw a Christmas tree or trace around our template. Cut out two trees from the cardboard. 3.Draw a line up the middle of the first tree. Cut a slit, approximately the width of the cardboard, approx half way up the first tree, starting from the BOTTOM. Draw a line down the middle of the second tree, and this time cut a similar slit but from the TOP. Slide the two trees together.

Paint the Trees green and wait to dry. Using the glitter glue highlight the edges of the panels of the tree. Glue sequins of assorted colors on each panel to look like Christmas decorations.

Sequins were only a suggestion, as the decorating of your tree is entirely up to you. Poke a hole in the top of the tree with a pair of scissors and thread your ribbon through. This will allow you to hang your Christmas tree up.

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