Popcorn Crafts: Popcorn Pictures for the Holidays

A CRAFT for children too young to handle hot popcorn mixtures.

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper
Crayons or Markers
Scraps of ribbon, material, buttons, twigs, dried flowers, bits of this and that

Make some popcorn and glue onto the construction paper

Cut three construction paper circles, small for the head, medium for the tummy and larger for the bottom. Glue popcorn onto the circles. Using a marker or construction paper, make the eyes, nose, buttons and man’s hat, and twigs for the arms; scrap of material makes the scarf.

Use the same directions but make it a lady’s hat by adding ribbon; don’t forget her earrings and necklace.

Santa Claus:
Draw Santa on construction paper, then glue cut-up construction paper pieces to make his hat, belt, buttons, boots. Glue popcorn for his beard and hair and fur trim of his coat and hat.

Holiday Sheep:
Glue small round clusters of popcorn onto the middle of a piece of white construction paper. Draw a sheep’s head and legs to create a fluffy sheep.

Winter Scene:
Using one piece of white construction paper, cut and paste strips of brown construction paper around the four edges to create a frame. Make a construction paper house and glue to white paper. Break up some popcorn into smaller pieces and use to make Christmas trees and a snowman in the yard, snow on the roof and on the lawn. Blue construction paper for the sky and perhaps some fluffy clouds. Is it snowing? Glue teeny pieces of popcorn all over the paper to create a snowy effect.

Wreath & Christmas Trees:
Using a Jell-O Popcorn recipe (below), make green popcorn; glue onto construction paper to form a wreath or tree. Decorate with bits of ribbon and construction paper shapes of stars, angels, toys. Don’t forget some construction paper gifts under and around the tree.

Give your child a theme, such as holiday animals, and let them create their own masterpieces!

Contributed by www.thepartyproject.com

ParentingHumor Editor