Radio Station April Fool’s Hoax

Radio Station April Fool’s Hoax

Winners of Contest, Were Actually Losers Who Fell for Prank

Our radio station did the funniest April Fools joke I’ve ever heard last year. It was so funny because everyone fell for it.
They didn’t mention April Fools Day over the air so there was no reminder and it was on the breakfast show so no one had woken up yet to it being April 1st.

They announced that they had their Sea FM giveaway truck at a certain location and that for the first 10 people there they were giving away $100 bills. They then of course pretended that every one who arrived was one of the first 10 people even though there were like 50 people show up

They put them in envelopes and when everyone opened them they were actually invoices for $100 — hence $100 bills.

It was hilarious.

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