Rudolph Puppet Craft

Rudolph Puppet Craft

Trace the child’s hands (with fingers spread open) on some brown const. paper. Glue these on the bottom (closed end) of a brown paper lunch sack. This becomes the antlers. Add eyes, mouth, and a small red pom-pom for the nose.

Rudolph candy cane ornaments/gift decorations

1- candy cane per person (your choice of color/flavor)
1- brown or any festive color pipe cleaner (for antlers)

bring under *neck* of cc & twist to tighten V shape then each side can be bent to Z shape (if desired), 2- eyes (available at craft stores) Glue to the curve of the cc just after the *antlers*, 1- sm. red pom-pom (for nose) Glue on the end or just above the end of the cc *optional: red or other festive colored thin ribbon (for bow tie) and a small jingle bell to be tied onto the ribbon (you may need to hot glue the bow& jingle on), Clear glue or a hot glue gun (works the best).

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