Top Ten April Fools Jokes To Pull On Your Spouse

Top Ten April Fools Jokes To Pull On Your Spouse

Marital Jokes and Pranks

Gaining Giggles at Your Spouse’s Expense

10. When he walks in the door after work, greet him with the question “Honey, how bad is it if you accidentally put the motor oil in the wrong part of the car engine?”
Angela Downing, Logan Utah

9. Put lemon drops in the shower head. when he goes to dry off the towel will stick to him.

Beth Latshaw, Kalamazoo MI

8. Telling him his vasectomy obviously didn’t work, we are pregnant again and he has to
have another vasectomy (our most popular answer)

Tina Juska, Oviedo FL

7. Have an ad created for something like his “prized” car for sale. Type it out on your computer. Tape it into the current issue of the newspaper, then photocopy it and give him a copy saying, here’s a copy of the ad I placed to sell your car.

Susan McEwen, Ajax, ON

6. My wife was sleeping late on April first, and I being the loving spouse that I am, decided that I would bless her with a loving prank!. I took an industrial size roll of saran wrap, and used 1000 square feet of wrap and completely covered her car in it! I than woke her up after changing the clocks telling her how late she was, when she ran out to her car, she screamed and than began laughing uncontrollably! it was truly funny!

Joe Thirlwell, Nakiski AK

5. Adjusted the bathroom scale to read much higher than it actually was.

David Lespier, Richmond CA

4. Sew the crotch opening to his boxer shorts closed!

Kristina Sparks, Manteca CA

3. Put a pair of hot pink panties in his glove compartment and then demand how they got there.

Nicol Smith, Napels FL

2. Wait until he is asleep then place inflatable doll in bed, go sleep in spare room

John Qua, Winnipeg MB

1. I put all sorts of lingerie into my husband’s gym bag – stuffed into his tennis shoes, rolled up in his towel, tucked into his shaving kit, etc. etc. He was shocked (as were the guys in the locker room) when all sorts of scanty panties, bras, and garter belts tumbled on the floor around him.

Nancy Myers, Monterey CA

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